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Navigating careers today is a dynamic and evolving journey. To harness the full potential of your talent, having meaningful career conversations is paramount. Welcome to our intensive one-day program designed to equip leaders with the essential skillset and mindset to facilitate empowering career conversations. We delve into why these conversations are crucial, the series of dialogues required, and the tools to nurture powerful careers within your organization.

Program Objective

In an era where the right career conversations can make the difference between talent retention and attrition, our program’s primary objective is to empower leaders with the skills and mindset needed to conduct transformative career discussions. We provide the tools to create a culture of continuous growth and development.

Program Highlights

  1. Why Career Conversations are Important: Understand the significance of career conversations in today’s fast-paced corporate landscape. Learn how they impact employee engagement, performance, and retention.
  2. The Series of Conversations Needed: Explore the continuum of career conversations, from initial exploration to ongoing development discussions. Discover how these dialogues can shape career paths and organizational success.
  3. Career Exploration: Delve into the art of career exploration. Equip leaders with the skills to help employees uncover their strengths, passions, and potential career trajectories.
  4. Appreciative Inquiry – Discover – Dream – Do: Embrace the power of appreciative inquiry in career discussions. Learn how to guide employees through the phases of discovery, dreaming, and action planning to create meaningful career paths.
  5. Creating Opportunities: Explore strategies for creating growth and development opportunities within your organization. Discover how to align individual aspirations with organizational needs.
  6. Creating Visibility: Understand the importance of visibility in career progression. Learn how to help employees increase their visibility and recognition within the company.
  7. Fostering Powerful Careers through Individual Development Plans: Develop the skills to create and implement Individual Development Plans (IDPs) that drive career growth. Explore how IDPs can be tailored to individual aspirations and organizational goals.


Aparna and her REDD team have been instrumental in delivering a wide range of programs for us at Collins Aerospace. Their practical content and engaging facilitation style have enriched our teams' skills in areas like emotional intelligence and presentation skills. The feedback from participants has been outstanding and impressive, making our collaboration with REDD a genuine pleasure. Highly recommended!
Sanchita Agarwal
Manager HR – Collins Aerospace
It was an absolute pleasure collaborating with the team at REDD Network for our senior leadership program, the LEAP Leadership Excellence Accelerator Program. Aparna and Vrinda, the driving forces behind this program, made the experience truly exceptional. Vrinda, our facilitator, shone brightly with her remarkable energy, her ability to enrich our participants, and her unwavering passion for learning.
Anuja Singh
Head HR, ninjacart
Working with REDD Network has been a game-changer for Wildcraft. Their training programs, from Store Manager training to behavioral interviewing skills and everything in between, have been nothing short of fantastic. Whether its leadership programs aligning with our mission and vision or training our trainers through "train-the-trainer" sessions, REDD Network has consistently delivered top-notch results.
Neville Kujur
Head – HR, Ex-Wildcraft

Workshop At A Glance

Customizable Learning Journey

Our program is flexible and can be tailored to meet your organization’s unique needs and objectives. Whether you’re looking to enhance the career development skills of your current leaders or prepare emerging leaders for these critical conversations, we can customize the program accordingly.

Why Choose Us?

  • Expert Facilitators: Our program is led by experienced leadership development experts who have a deep understanding of career conversations and talent development.
  • Practical Application: We prioritize practical tools and actionable strategies that can be immediately implemented within your organization for tangible results.
  • Interactive Learning: Engage in interactive activities, case studies, and role-play scenarios that create a dynamic and immersive learning experience.
  • Talent Retention: Equip your leaders to become talent retainers who foster powerful careers, resulting in engaged and motivated employees.

Elevate Your Career Conversations

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