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An Overview

We are the REDD Network Collaborative.  We have been around for the last 13 years serving 100s of organisations through REDD and Individually.  Our way of working is collaborative:  We start every program with a discussion with key stakeholders – managers, participants & HR – which leads us to customize solutions that will work. This also helps us innovate & offer solutions that meet the unique needs of our stakeholders

Vision And Mission

Here at REDD Network, we’re on a mission to supercharge your success! Our goal is to inspire, innovate, and make learning a blast, so you and your team can achieve mind-blowing results. Join us on this exciting journey toward greatness!

What Makes REDD A Great Choice

What Makes REDD A Great Choice

History Of REDD Network

We delivered our first program to an audience that gave us a standing ovation in January 2011 and since then we have been hooked to conducting interesting workshops.  Way before the pandemic we were already doing virtual facilitator-led programs, so it was very easy for us to make the transition into running online workshops in 2020. 


Our programs largely target Behavioral and Functional capability enhancement, we have experimented and innovated in a plethora of programs including Expert Talks. Inspiring Speakers. Creative and Uplifting Videos and Learning Campaigns. Performances. Theatre Productions. Experiential Learning Interventions to serve the learning needs of partnering organizations.


We have reached over 2, 00,000 people through training programs, lectures and other interventions in a span of over 10 years.

We Have Trained Participants From These Countries


India  |  Kuwait  |  Oman |  Qatar |  UAE |  Saudi Arabia |  Sri Lanka |  Russia |  China |  Thailand |  Bangladesh |  Singapore |  Philippines   Indonesia |  Vietnam |  South Korea |  Japan |  Israel |  Malaysia


Germany  |  Spain |  Germany |  Turkiye |  Netherlands |  Denmark |  Italy Ireland |  Sweden |  Ukraine | Switzerland | Belgium


Australia  |  New Zealand


US  |  Canada |  Brazil  | Venezuela  |  Ecuador


Nigeria  | Cote D’ivoire |  South Africa Egypt | Mauritania

The REDD Network Story

In the world of corporate evolution, an interesting concept emerged from the creative mind of Aparna Ponnappa, paving the way for REDD. Initially an acronym denoting the convergence of Retail Education, Design, and Development, REDD swiftly gained prominence through its unique approach, the much-adored Participation Plus workshops. Across diverse industries, clients were enchanted by REDD’s transformative touch, fostering growth and progress.

As time swirled onward, the soul of REDD evolved, transcending its former identity. Today, it symbolizes a profound journey – REdiscover. Dream. Do. – a reminder of rejuvenation and relentless pursuit. With a network of top-tier facilitators, REDD now ignites the flames of learning within eager professionals, fostering a realm where personal and professional competencies entwine in harmonious synergy. Within the pulsating heartbeat of the corporate sphere, REDD works as a catalyst for growth and development, forging destinies and unfurling a tapestry of limitless possibilities.

The Audience We Serve

Early Career Professionals

First Time Leaders

Mid-Level Managers

Senior Leaders

Store Managers

HR Professionals

Women at the Workplace



Aparna and her REDD team have been instrumental in delivering a wide range of programs for us at Collins Aerospace. Their practical content and engaging facilitation style have enriched our teams' skills in areas like emotional intelligence and presentation skills. The feedback from participants has been outstanding and impressive, making our collaboration with REDD a genuine pleasure. Highly recommended!
Sanchita Agarwal
Manager HR – Collins Aerospace
It was an absolute pleasure collaborating with the team at REDD Network for our senior leadership program, the LEAP Leadership Excellence Accelerator Program. Aparna and Vrinda, the driving forces behind this program, made the experience truly exceptional. Vrinda, our facilitator, shone brightly with her remarkable energy, her ability to enrich our participants, and her unwavering passion for learning.
Anuja Singh
Head HR, ninjacart
Working with REDD Network has been a game-changer for Wildcraft. Their training programs, from Store Manager training to behavioral interviewing skills and everything in between, have been nothing short of fantastic. Whether its leadership programs aligning with our mission and vision or training our trainers through "train-the-trainer" sessions, REDD Network has consistently delivered top-notch results.
Neville Kujur
Head – HR, Ex-Wildcraft

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