Career Conversations: The Deep Dive into Your Professional Journey

Ahoy, career explorers and visionaries of the deep blue sea! Today, we’re taking you on a scuba-diving adventure into the world of Appreciative Inquiry. Imagine it as your underwater expedition, where we’ll follow the Discover, Dream, Do framework to help you navigate the depths of your career conversations, facilitating profound thoughts and transforming them into action. Grab your virtual snorkels; we’re about to dive deep and discover the treasures within!


Discover: Unveiling the Hidden Wonders

Picture yourself descending into the crystal-clear waters, surrounded by the mysteries of the deep. Just as you explore the ocean’s depths, the Discover phase of Appreciative Inquiry is all about uncovering the hidden wonders of your career.


In this phase, you reflect on your past achievements and experiences. It’s like examining the colorful coral reefs, each representing a milestone in your professional journey. Dive into your memories, recalling moments of success, and relishing the knowledge that you’ve already accomplished so much.


Dream: Exploring New Horizons

As you descend further into the ocean’s abyss, you come across uncharted territories. The Dream phase of Appreciative Inquiry is your opportunity to explore new horizons in your career. It’s akin to the excitement of discovering a new underwater species.


Here, you let your imagination run wild. What are your wildest career dreams and aspirations? Imagine them as vibrant sea creatures, each more fantastical than the last. Whether it’s climbing the corporate ladder, starting your own business, or pursuing a passion project, allow yourself to dream without limits.


Do: Taking the Plunge

Now, it’s time to take action. Just as a scuba diver must commit to exploring deeper waters, you must plunge into the Do phase of Appreciative Inquiry. It’s about turning your dreams into tangible goals and taking steps towards achieving them.


Think of this phase as swimming alongside the magnificent marine life you’ve dreamt of encountering. You’re no longer a passive observer; you’re an active participant in your career journey. Set SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-bound) goals, create action plans, and start making waves.


The Underwater Analogy: Navigating Career Conversations

Imagine you’re having a career conversation with a colleague or mentor, and you’re both underwater explorers. The Discover phase involves sharing your past achievements and experiences, akin to showcasing the unique underwater ecosystems you’ve encountered.


As you move into the Dream phase, you describe your career aspirations as uncharted territories waiting to be explored. Just like discovering new underwater species, these aspirations are exciting and full of potential.

Finally, in the Do phase, you outline your action plan for reaching your career goals. It’s like mapping out your dive route and ensuring you have the necessary gear to explore deeper waters. Your career conversation partner becomes your dive buddy, supporting and guiding you on your journey.


Facilitating Transformative Career Conversations

Now, let’s connect this underwater analogy to facilitating transformative career conversations. Imagine you’re facilitating a career conversation with an employee or colleague. By applying the Discover, Dream, Do framework, you can create an inspiring and motivating experience.


Discover: Begin by asking open-ended questions that encourage the individual to reflect on their past successes and accomplishments. Help them uncover their strengths, skills, and areas where they’ve excelled.


Dream: Encourage the individual to imagine their ideal career scenario. What would they love to achieve? What are their long-term aspirations? This is the phase where you explore their wildest career dreams.


Do: Work together to create a concrete action plan based on their aspirations. What steps can they take to turn their dreams into reality? Set clear goals, identify resources, and establish a timeline for achieving them.

By guiding individuals through these phases, you empower them to take ownership of their career journey. Just as a scuba diving instructor ensures the safety and success of their students underwater, you, as a facilitator, support and inspire individuals as they navigate the depths of their professional odyssey.


In Conclusion: Dive Deep, Dream Big

As you resurface from your scuba-diving adventure into the world of Appreciative Inquiry, remember that your career is like the vast ocean, filled with endless possibilities. By following the Discover, Dream, Do framework in your career conversations, you can help individuals unlock their potential, set sail towards their dreams, and make waves in their professional lives.

So, dive deep into your career conversations, explore uncharted territories, and take action to make your dreams a reality. Just like the wonders of the ocean, your career journey is waiting to be discovered. Dream big, and let your aspirations carry you to new horizons!


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